GIRACT specialises in business research and consultancy with a clear focus on additives and food ingredients. Its fields of activity also include fine chemicals / pharmaceuticals, and associated technologies from biotechnology, packaging, medical engineering to waste recycling.

Our location is in the hub of Europe, with key Global Institutions "down the road from our office", including the World Trade Organisation (WTO), International Trade Centre/UNCTAD (ITC), World Health Organisation (WHO), with their unique data facilities. Both they and the various National Missions have personnel at the forefront of international political and economic developments, thus informing our work in such areas.

GIRACT is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and can proudly trace its origins to 1970. Its clients include almost all of the major international players within the food ingredients and additives industry (please see Our Clients).

Our high class science based and commercially experienced team, both in Geneva and in key regional locations around the world, are positioned to deliver the best strategic and operational advice to our clients across the world. We believe that Switzerland's reputation of working towards perfection, its focus on global research and development and its well-known work ethic are reflected in our approach to our business.

GIRACT's unique strengths include a major database in food, drink and fine chemicals sectors, experienced in-house consultants able to provide strategic interpretations of your questions and a multilingual team in the culturally differing European, American, Asian and other markets of the world. This international view has become increasingly important in the food ingredients and additives industry.