GIRACT frequently contributes editorial comment to specialized magazines and its directors participate as speakers in international conferences.

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Examples of recent contributions include:

  • Antimicrobial Additives Choices for Food and Drink,
    W. Europe and USA

    A consideration of the changing choices for antimicrobial solutions in the food and drink sector and, in particular, the opportunities for “natural” as opposed to “chemical” solutions.
  • Mineral Fortification in Food and Supplements,
    W. Europe, USA and Japan

    An editorial demonstrating the way in which the world of nutraceuticals changed from a mere grey area to a real marketplace and more specifically, the potential opportunities in the demand for fortification of foods with calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.
  • Prospects for Industrial Dairy Ingredients
    in Europe and North America

    A vast topic presented at Congrilait 2002, the IDF World Dairy Congress.
  • The Market for Pre- and Pro-biotic Ingredients
    A paper presented at the IFT Short Course 2002.
  • Probiotic Cultures - Opportunities and Threats
    An article examining the supply/supplier issues, the product spectrum, legislative constraints and market dynamics of probiotic cultures.
  • Wheat Starch Alert - Allergen labelling
    A communiqué sent to GIRACT's contacts in the wheat starch industry following the UK Food Safety Authority's proposal to revise the EU labelling directive.
  • Bakery Improvers, Concentrates & Mixes
    An editorial text reviewing exciting trends in the bakery industry in W. Europe in both bread and non-bread segments.
  • Savoury Flavour Ingredients - East vs West
    Differing Food Types and Ingredient Choices by the Food Industry

    A paper presented at the Food Ingredients Asia conference comparing and contrasting savoury flavour ingredients in the Asian and Western worlds.
  • Antioxidants - Trends and Developments
    An article which examined the different food antioxidants in the European market from technical, legislative, distribution and marketing aspects highlighting the different key issues affecting this changing market sector.